Cannon Hall Park & Gardens

Cannon Hall Park and Gardens have been successful in securing an earmarked Parks for People funding of £2.8m, from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and Big Lottery Fund for the targeted and sustainable conservation of its buildings and surrounding parkland. We hope works to start in 2017 and be completed by 2019.

Parks for People funding helps to conserve the heritage that makes both historic parks and cemeteries special. And it gives local people a say in how they are managed in the future. Projects improve people’s wellbeing and knowledge of their area, and make communities better places to live, work and visit.

This exciting project aims to restore and repair important elements of the Georgian park and gardens including key features such as an ice-house, deer shelter and gardener’s cottage, which will be turned into a wonderful new volunteers’ hub.

Work will also be undertaken to dredge and restore the lakes of the Park, which are the subject of a long running local campaign – improving their appearance, restoring original vistas, improving water quality and supporting biodiversity.

Through the project the park will be restored to its former glory and also reveal the many secrets, currently hidden from visitors. The fascinating stories of the place and the people who lived here will be shared.

Where We Are At….

There has been plenty of progress made as we near the mid-development phase mark. We are well on target to have a fully detailed bid and portfolio ready for submission in July, which is built on a very strong foundation of extensive consultation and detailed surveys.

Revealing Secrets….

For many years the door to one of the stable rooms has been firmly sealed, unseen by anybody at all…until now! Access has been carefully restored, revealing beautiful wooden and iron partitions, clues to the feeding troughs within the walls, and a water hose.

To record our findings for the archives we commissioned the photographer, Timm Cleasby who had a great time exploring the hidden and the unseen around your Park.






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